Why Colonel Sartoris?

Allow me to explain the puzzling title. Colonel Sartoris is William Faulkner's greatest character. He exemplifies those values that his society cherishes, namely tradition, patriarchy, courtliness, and courage. Though modernity's slow march tries to strip him of these things, Sartoris continues to live as he always has, knowing that "the past is never dead. It's not even past." He seeks order in the honorable folkways and mores of his forbears. Let us not forget his example.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Too Much Football to Handle

Pretty unbelievable games yesterday.  First, Oklahoma didn't exactly whip the buckskins off the Mountaineers like I thought they would.  Second, OREGON LOST?!  AND BAYLOR BEAT FREAKING KANSAS STATE?????  Two years ago, Baylor couldn't beat their own practice squad, but now here they are knocking off the no. 1 team in the country.  So many questions: I haven't broken down the OU tape yet, the new BCS standings haven't come out yet, and there are so many questions to be answered about where these teams are headed, viz., whether Baylor will now play the role of spoiler similar to what Tech had done in the last decade in the Big XII.

Wow.  What a Saturday.

I would like to sign off by reiterating my contention that friends don't schedule friends for parties during big games, but not everyone popped out of the womb blessed with Solomonic wisdom.

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